About Us


"The beauty of this type of art, is how you interpret it,” says Dick Hamilton, who along with his wife Janet, owns Hamiltons of Pelham, an art gallery smack dab in the centre of the cute little town of Ridgeville. It’s evident straightaway that they are both very passionate about promoting not only the art on display at the gallery, but the artists themselves.

They sell the art of around 300 different artists, and specialize in stone sculptures from Zimbabwe, hand crafted terracotta from Crete and Turkey, metal works, woodcarvings, hand blown glass works and wearable art.

Hamiltons of Pelham was opened in December of 2012, but Dick and Janet are no strangers to the art world. Prior to opening their gallery in the Niagara Region, they owned and operated a garden centre and art gallery overseas in England; it was there that they began to build their art collection and first fell in love with Zimbabwean art. They are so dedicated to it in fact, that they currently house one of the largest collections of it in the world; and now the Niagara Region can benefit from that dedication because the Hamiltons have created the opportunity for visitors to see these works of art first hand and purchase them for their own homes.

All the pieces available at Hamiltons of Pelham are purchased directly from the artists. The larger pieces are perfect for the garden, and as Dick says, they are almost “like living pieces that keep changing their look.” The stones vary in colour, and the colour can be brought out again and again by simply buffing the pieces with wax.

One of the best parts of stepping into Hamiltons of Pelham is that Janet and Dick are more than happy to spend time with every customer to not only show them around the interior and exterior of the store, but to take the time to explain what it is people are looking at; tell people how it’s made, where it comes from and what it represents.