Mova Globes

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It is not enough to see these globes in a picture--to get a true idea of their essence, one must see these globes up close! Constantly rotating, Mova Globes use a sophisticated motion mechanism powered by ambient light to drive the globe's continuous rotation. 

These globes are perfect in an office or the home for collectors or just people with an interest in fine things.

Their creator, William French, says "I have a degree in physics from UC Berkeley and I spent my years working in R&D inventing things in the field of magnetic recording for big companies like Eastman Kodak. My real interest though was always “Art and Science” and solar powered objects in particular. Solar energy offered the possibility of creating autonomous, almost living things. I finally let myself create the kind of thing I always dreamed of when I began to put together the ideas from the MOVA Globe. It was exciting and risky. The process of combining all the elements together to bring my vision to life was the most enjoyable work I have ever done. It is a great personal joy to realize that there are many people in this busy, noisy world who appreciate my peaceful vision."



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