Vietnamese Pots


 We offer a beautiful line of glazed Vietnamese outdoor pottery, and indoor pottery.  Our collections include high quality frost resistant pottery of all shapes and sizes as well as styles suitable for indoor decor. 

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Cretan Pots


From island of Crete, the pots in this collection continue a centuries-old Greek tradition. They are thrown by hand, then fired for hours in wood-burning kilns that give them a soft shade of tan that changes with the light and pots' contents. No two are exactly alike.

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Spanish Pots


 Containers expand your horticultural horizon bringing form and life to new areas of the garden. Informal or formal planting can add colour, perfume and interest. There are so many ways to use our planters for spring, summer, autumn or winter; a helpful guide is to either have one large pot or a collection in odd numbers. 

Turkish Pots


 Beautiful century old and unique handmade terracotta jars, once used by the villagers in Anatolia and Western Turkey for storage of wine, olive oil, olives, honey, grain and other precious items. 

 The gorgeous terracotta pots or jars can be displayed in the traditional way, but in the garden, laid partially under bushes or trees, or can be displayed on a plinth or stand to look stunning in the house or garden! 


Our pieces fit well both in the garden and the home. Their origins stretch from Vietnam to the Island of Crete, and their age from nearly new to hundreds of years old. Each piece is one of a kind, though variations of the same piece are available.