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Beauty of Songbirds 2024 Calendar by Shirley Deaville

Beauty of Songbirds 2024 Calendar by Shirley Deaville

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  • Delafield wall calendar with 12 different images (January - December 2024). Printed on linen embossed paper. Brass hanging grommet to prevent calendar tear. Linen embossed jacket. Size 13.3/8"w X 24"h - when opened. Fit your LANG calendar frame.
  • About the artist: Shirley Deaville: "I was born in north Toronto into a loving family with devoted and encouraging parents; a start that unfortunately many to-day never know.  In spite of the absence of great feats, I found a heritage unsurpassed for any kid who ever breathed, and upon reflecting once again over events in my life until now, my existence has been more exciting than most. For as long as I can remember I have followed the beat of a different Drummer and a song my peers did not seem to hear.  This calling led me down different pathways than my counterparts, and for a while my life was rather a solitary one, until I met and married Dave in 1959.  

     For me, to paint was merely and extension of the explosion with which I searched for the Drummer Who always seemed a step ahead of my own.  The absolute surety of a Creator behind the wonders of sight and sound I beheld, was never doubted.  The electricity of colours; the sound of a bird song that  pierced the morning air; the myriads of different life in various forms – they only fanned the search for meaning to anything at all, and I began to paint with a little set of oils my dear Mother gave me for passing through grade eight with honours.  This expression gave vent to at least some satisfaction of getting a little step closer to the Drummer, but I fell so far short of perfection."

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