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Celtic Triquetra plaque small

Celtic Triquetra plaque small

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Welcome guests to your home with a three-cornered wall art that effortlessly blends in well with wood, metal, and glass fixtures and surfaces to create a wonderful aesthetic. The circled triquetra known as the trinity knot has ancient Celtic and pagan origins.


  • If you are looking for an eye-catching wall sculpture that can be used as rustic wall art, then you have found it with this beautifully designed Celtic trinity knot! Makes the perfect housewarming gift. Can be used as abstract wall art and vintage wall art with ease due to its clean and intricate design features.
  • Historically based on the unity of power of three; such as love, honour, protect or unity of family or friendship. The circled trinity, the Triquetra, traditionally is also a Christian symbol, representing the father, son, and holy ghost.

Pressed Wood

Made in India
Dimension in Inches: LxWxH 18"x18"x0.75"

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