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Storage Incense Box

Storage Incense Box

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These beautiful wooden incense storage boxes, with decorative brass inlays, burns incense sticks and has 2 brass plate insets for cone burning. They also have a storage compartment for keeping your favorite incense clean and safe. Stylish cut outs allow the incenses smoke to slowly escape and fill the air with your favorite scent.

This beautiful handmade box is hand carved and has a Celtic Triquetra.
It’s made from Mango Tree Wood which is eco-friendly for the following reasons:
– Responsible management of mango plantations adds to the sustainability of mango wood. Cut-down trees are immediately replaced, and only old, fruitless trees are harvested for wood.
– The use of mango wood prevents teak and other endangered woods from being harvested from the wild.
– Manufacturing of wood products provides additional revenue for mango farmers, supporting the local community.
– Overall deforestation is reduced by using domestic mango wood.
– Mango wood is relatively hard and dense and therefore very durable, requiring little to no maintenance.
– Using the mango wood from cut-down trees reduces carbon emissions, because the wood is not left to rot (rotting wood produces carbon dioxide).

LxWxH 30.5x5.5x6cm

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