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Manta Versatile Necklace - Gold Black

Manta Versatile Necklace - Gold Black

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This bold statement necklace features two large ray pendants with a smooth rippled surface; Undulating metal that mimics the movement of waves on the ocean.

The pendants of this long necklace hang back to back, laying flat against the body, and can be worn with either the Matte Metal or Matte Black sides facing outwards.


  • All metals are brass finished with plating (see below)


  • 12K Gold, Rhodium, *Black Zinc on brass (*Nickel Free)


  • 1 mm brass snake chain, plating as noted above
  • Approximately 35 1/2" long, *Slight variations may occur
  • Overall the pendant is 2 1/4" x 3"
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