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Stemless Margarita Glass

Stemless Margarita Glass

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Bubble Glass Drinking Glassware from Mexico!

These glasses are all crafted individually, and as a result there will be a few differences between them in terms of bubble patterns and texture, but this is what distinguishes each one of them as a unique artisanal product which was created with care and attention. ENJOY the AUTHENTIC ARTISAN TECHNIQUE Mexico is notorious for its top-notch artisanal craftsmanship. Their ICONIC DESIGNS traditionally feature small air pockets mixed in with the glass at the creation process, which give all of their creations a beautiful look and stunning feel.

DISHWASHER SAFETY & CARE For best maintenance, hand washing these glasses is always recommended. They are also Dishwasher Safe, but since the tiny air bubbles traditional to these glasses may expand and crack when exposed to extreme temperature changes, please make sure to use the TOP RACK ONLY and allow the glasses a time period to cool off before removing them from the dishwasher. Not recommended for hot drinks nor for use in Microwaves.

Height: 4"

Diameter: 3.15"


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