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Spring Reeds - Red Wind Spinner

Spring Reeds - Red Wind Spinner

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DIMENSIONS:  27"w x 87"h

Add a focal point  in your landscaping with this  Red Kinetic Spring Reeds Vertical Spinner. The maroon and red tones through the blades, combined with the open shape of this topper, easily evoke the elements of fire and air, while the narrow shape of the fins mimics aquatic reeds. These lengthy, thin blades affix to dual hubs on the vertical shaft, and sealed ball bearings here allow the toppers to move easily in the wind. The curves of the upper and lower, wrought iron assemblies sit opposite each other for a dynamic effect, and three stacked orbs in the center visually anchor the piece. A brighter red hue on these globes contrasts the muted tones on the blades, while a black fleur-de-lis finial extends above the balls and a matching, open spiral sits below them. This powder coated, black finish is also found on the included, four section, tubular steel pole. The sections all thread together for a secure display, and an 11" long, dual pronged footer slides over the base for even more stability when inserted into your soil. Hardy metal and steel ensures this spinner remains usable for many seasons, and the weather resistant finish provides plenty of visibility and style. Assembly required.

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