Collection: Indigenous Collection

Our Indigenous Collection includes work from artists across North America. Each artists has a unique vision and story to tell. Their art reflects their life experiences and heritage. 
Our collections includes prints, limited edition prints, scarves, wallets, mugs, cards, note cards and so much more.
The artists earn a royalty for each and every sale of product.

Featured Artist

Maxine Noel

Maxine Noel is an internationally renowned Native visual artist and mentor with a career spanning more than 35 years.

Born on the Birdtail Reserve in Manitoba, Maxine Noel has lived in  Stratford with her daughter for more than 20 years. She believes that  there is a common bond that links all cultures of the world, and she  continues to work tirelessly to bridge the gap between Native and  non-Native communities. Her dedication, commitment, strength and  self-determination make her a valuable role model.

Maxine works tirelessly and selflessly for others throughout our  communities. She was one of the first artists to work with the Canada  and Africa Village Twinning Programs, and she is a founding board member  of the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation [now Indspire]. She  has lectured at the Saskatchewan School of Fine Arts, the University of  Western Ontario and the Ontario College of Art. She has also spoken at  schools and to service and other groups throughout Canada, encouraging  young people to engage in the work of building strong supportive  communities.

 Maxine signs her work with her Sioux name, Ioyan Mani, a name given to her by her grandmother.  

"My art is the way I offer healing to the worlds around me, worlds  sitting so often on the cusp of destruction and brutality. These worlds  are dangerous and beautiful places, sacred to us all, and so their  health and their healing are responsibilities we all must take up, each  of us finding the work we need to do, and then doing it well and fully. I  am honoured by my appointment to the Order of Canada, an honour I share  with my people, and with all peoples doing the work of making a better  world, with those who came before, and with those still to come."
Maxine Noel