Collection: Vintage Turkish Pots

Turkish pottery and ceramic craftsmanship dates back centuries. In fact, recently a huge 2,000 year old terracotta Turkish pot was accidentally unearthed by a farmer while watering plants in his garden in the Doğanşehir district, this dates it back to the Roman era.
Our pots are unlikely to date back that far, but some are between 75-150 years old and made just as they were back in the Roman era and equally impressive in appearance.
Virtually every village in Anatolia (modern day Turkey) had a workshop with a master potter producing beautiful pots and pitchers. Much like Turkish carpets each pot contains a story with unique skills and individual touches added to every pot and pitcher.
And because the local soil and material was used to make the pots and pitchers they literally are part of the landscape.
Originally designed to hold wine, olives, olive oil, grains, etc., today they make stunning centre pieces for gardens, living rooms, hallways and commercial spaces or whatever your landscape is.