Collection: Vietnamese Pots

These flower pots are hand-crafted using techniques rooted in centuries of ceramic tradition:


  • Raw clays are harvested from several locations in the mud flats of the Mekong River Delta, and are then combined to produce a blended clay precisely to the master potter's specifications.
  • This refined clay is allowed to gently cure, which enhances the durability of the final product - taking this extra step ensures that the planters you buy will easily survive most winters
  • All of our outdoor Vietnamese pots are crafted using large plaster molds which are individually hand-crafted by specially-trained staff.
  • The raw planters are then glazed, usually by pouring  multiple layers of bright colors, which results in the signature look of Vietnamese outdoor pottery after the pots have been fired for a week at temperatures of almost 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This extended cooking period, which is called "high-firing", is what produces the incredible durability in these flower pots.
  • Our glazed Vietnamese pots are all hand-crafted. Slight variations in size, shape, and color are to be expected.
  • These planters are crafted from high-fired stoneware clay - this means that these flower pots are very durable and hardy, and are capable of year-round outdoor use in most climates, and 3-season outdoor use in cooler climates.
  • All pots are equipped with drainage holes.

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