About Us

Welcome to Hamiltons of Pelham, your one-stop-shop for art and gifts right here in the heart of Ridgeville, in the lovely Niagara region. We're a locally owned and operated store with a knack for sourcing unique and eclectic pieces that can either brighten up your home or add that special touch to your garden.

Our collection spans the globe, bringing you treasures from various corners of the world, and of course Canada. Stepping into Hamiltons is like entering a visual wonderland. Picture this: locally crafted metal windswept trees and beautifully carved sculptures from Zimababwe. And guess what? That's just the beginning.

Our gardens are a true sanctuary, carefully curated to whisk you away to a state of relaxation. Cretan planters give a Mediterranean vibe, and our wind chimes create soothing melodies.

Shopping at Hamiltons isn't just about buying stuff; it's about enjoying an experience that you'll want to relive. 

We warmly invite you to visit Hamiltons of Pelham and explore everything we have to offer. Trust us; you won't leave empty handed.

We look forward to working with all of our existing clientele and making new relationships with those that continue to discover us. See you soon!


Heather Hamilton & Luc Arvisais

Luc Arvisais and Heather Hamilton

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