Collection: Metal For the Garden

Some types of Metal we Carry.


  Weldlife Art is skillfully hand crafted and created by the inspired Shona men and women who, over time, have mastered the art of the natural inhabitants who roam the African soils, albeit flight, land, and water.

These pieces are individually made from recycled resources locally available to create an original beauty. Consequently, a slight variation in each piece should be expected.

Haitan Metal

 The artisans start with designs inspired by nature and culture. From cardboard patterns, they trace their design with chalk on the flattened metal from torn-down oil drums. With chisels and hammers, they carefully cut and decorate the metal by hand. Each piece is shaped and smoothed, then the artists boldly and proudly chisel their name on to the metal sculpture. 


  Wall art for every room of your house and even the garden and patio.