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Dove of Peace with Olive Branch

Dove of Peace with Olive Branch

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Dove of Peace with Olive Brance by Haitian Artist Cineus Louime. Hang them on a special package, use them with a colorful ribbon to trim the tree or wreath during the holidays, or use a few together with other sculptures or wall art to create movement and "tell a story."  Spring Handmade Metal birds for indoor or outdoor decor. Fair trade isn't just a catch phrase. It's the way we do business. Colour variations from dark silver to rustic bronze tones. We are proud to support our artists with fair trade practices.

Metal Recycled Oil Drum Art •Handmade in Haiti •From Recycled Oil Barrels to High Quality Metal Art •Indoor Outdoor Display •Materials: Steel metal, barrels, and varnish.

8" x 5.5"

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