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Galileo Thermometer

Galileo Thermometer

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As suggested by its name, Galileo Thermometer is a cylindrical thermometer inspired by the famous scientist Galileo Galilei’s instruments.

Unique in its colourful and artistic presentation, Galileo Thermometer indicates temperature and weather based on principles of buoyancy and air pressure. With Galileo Thermometers, you can bring aesthetics and fun into weather display and prediction.

Get rid of that boring old temperature thermometer and replace it with something more colourful and intriguing, such as this delicate borosilicate glass model. This Galileo thermometer contains several glass coloured vessels that float up or down depending on the density of the liquid during temperature changes. Sitting at 11” high and meant only for indoor use, it is a great addition to any office desk or window ledge.

  • Galileo thermometer
  • Temperature scope: 18°C/64°F to 26°C/80°F
  • Material is high borosilicate glass
  • Great for use on a desk or office


  • 11" H  (28cm)
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