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Mackerel Sunset (Lake Gibson)

Mackerel Sunset (Lake Gibson)

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Experience the majestic beauty of Canada with photographs by Michael Jackson. Each print by local wildlife photographer Michael B Jackson captures the essence of mother nature. Perfect for gifting abroad, these matted prints are a compact 8"x10", ideal for travel or easy shipping. Bring a piece of Canada into your home.

Matted print 8" x 10"

From Michael Jackson

"I love the natural world. I always have. My earliest memories are of exploring fields, forests and waterways and reveling in the discovery and beauty of it all. The images displayed here are firstly for myself, for they heal my soul, they delight my mind, and they give me hope. My hope is that other may be inspired by the wonder and fragility of the world that supports us and, in so doing, take action to leave our home a better place than we found it.


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