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Quiet Bird - Artist Johnathan Mhondorohuma

Quiet Bird - Artist Johnathan Mhondorohuma

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African stone sculpture from Zimbabwe is often called Shona sculpture, named after the largest tribe engaged in sculpting. Zimbabwe – derived from the Shona word dzimbadzamabwe which means ‘house of stone’ – is the only country on the African continent that has large deposits of stone suitable for sculpting.

Jonathan Mhondorohuma (born December 25, 1974) is a Zimbabwean sculptor.[1]

A native of Mvurwi, Mhondorohuma attended primary school in his hometown, also completing his O levels there. In 1989 he was invited by his friend Square Chikwanda to come work at the Tengenenge Sculpture Community; he spent the next six months there learning from Chikwanda before moving to Harare. There he met and worked under Joseph Ndandarika, whose influence may still be seen in his work.

At Ndandarika's death in 1991, Mhondorohuma moved to Hatfield to work on his own. In 1997 he became an artist in residence at the Chapungu Sculpture Park.

Jonathan's sculptures have many familial ties, and relate very much to his three children, and his wife Faith.

Hand carved in Zimbabwe by artist Johnathan Mhondorohuma

Stone - Springstone

Dimensions - 6" H x 10" L x 5" W


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