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Sand Pendulum

Sand Pendulum

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Need unique tools to help relax and relieve stress? Feeling anxious because of work? Our Sand Pendulum uses physics principles to draw pleasing patterns to help you relax! Unique in each of its drawings, sand pendulums are perfect house and office decors to engage guests and help level up your space!

Without a sound, the metal point draws fascinating, ever smaller elliptical traces in the sand. Formations of countless layers of ellipses are produced. A gentle impulse starts the swing allowing one to begin to experience and feel the inner peace that comes from the harmonious movement of the pendulum. The lines in the sand form repetitive patterns of mathematical beauty that overlap each other from the edge towards the center as the pendulum gradually slows itself down. At the end of every turn, the pendulum will come to rest in the exact middle.

This new version of the classic sand pendulum is not only relaxing, but its size will also enhance your surroundings.

Interesting Fact: Léon Foucault a French physician of the 19th century-used a Pendulum to demonstrate the inertia caused by the earth's rotation movement.

Size: 15"h x 7"w x 7"d

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