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Serenity Stone & Aromatherapy Gift Box - Sage

Serenity Stone & Aromatherapy Gift Box - Sage

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Serenity Stone & Aromatherapy Gift Box - SAGE for cleansing & clarity. Sage Soap is infused with organic rolled oats while the Sage Bath Salt is infused with rose petals.

SERENITY STONE & AROMATHERAPY GIFT BOX: This collection combines the energy-enhancing qualities of semi-precious stones, the soothing scents of essential oil-infused soap and bath salts with the therapeutic aroma of incense cones and perfectly blended oil scents. SOAP: Saponified oils of olive, almond, rapeseed and tallow, beeswax, essential and fragrance oils, and natural colourants/exfoliants SALT: Epsom, Dead Sea, Himalayan, and dendritic salts, sodium bicarbonate, fragrance, and essential oils, and infused with dried flowers OIL BLEND: Unique, hand-mixed blend of fragrance and essential oils

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