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Snowy Owl Greeting Card

Snowy Owl Greeting Card

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This Magnificiant Snowy Owl  greeting card is made from the original charcoal drawing of the artist Marie-Michèle Desmarais.  Part of the boreal forest collection,  the snowy owl illustration will bring a  calming presence to your home. ×-×-×-×-×-×-×-× * Black and white illustration, blank inside * Black envelope * Ink jet print of original charcoal drawing * **Artistic Quality that permits you to frame it like a print for all kind of deco projects!!  * Acid-free paper , FSC certified

Size : 4.25 x 5,5


By adopting a piece of art, you are helping to protect the environment.

For every paper artwork or greeting card sold she will plant a tree with her Ecologi team on your behalf. 

Meet The artist

Very young Marie-Michèle lived close by the Granby Zoo, where her parents would take her everyday for a morning stroll. As she visits these animals during her childhood, she develops a deep fascination and a passion for all of them.

Her studies bring her to graduate as a Speech Therapist. But, during her studies, she attends Concordia University in Fine Arts, where a particularly inspiring teacher helps her refine her drawing technic and skills.

On a daily bases, she works with children who have speech issues and remains creative, since she must constantly compensate speech with movement and images.

It’s with the arrival of her first child that she really combines her artistic talent and her passion for animals. Marie-Michele couldn’t find the perfect decor for baby’s room. So, she started to draw adorable baby animals inspiring herself of the cutest ones on earth.

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